Aldon’s Crossing

Aldon’s Crossing is among the finest RPG games. One must have already played it if one is a fan of Palm RPG, if not so, then one should look forward to playing it sometime soon. The well-thought design of the game is one of the best features, which make this game unique, and attractive whereas myriad of levels is the other most pertinent feature particular to Aldon’s Crossing. The game is very engaging and does not let the player get bored right from the beginning until the end with its multiple courses of twisting events. At first, you might find the user interface a bit difficult to get acquainted with but as soon as you start playing the game, you will master the trick. A player has to make his way by travelling through 145 diverse maps. Therefore, diversity and versatility make this more of a unique game among its contemporaries.

The player has to come across 100 characters with whom he has to interact. You will have to battle 30 plus different enemies while covering the path. Your character would be opting for of the three races i.e. Dwarf, Human, or Elf with its gender orientation either male or female. Your character would belong to one of four distinct classes of Fighter, Priest, Thief, or Mage. Summon, Heal, and Fireball are the few ones from the 50 spells to ready to be cast. The player has an option to customize the weaponry and he can choose between Ranged and Melee. Plenty of items are there at your disposal ready to be explored. You may hire the services of a henchman coupled with the services of pets as and when required which would help your quest a lot in a number of ways. Initially, a player might find mastering the controls a huge deal but as soon as you plunge into it, mastering the controls turns into a piece of cake for you.

Graphics are very realistic with the conventional outlook and feel of RPG games. With the change in the guild of the character, the graphic changes which is very thoughtful of the game developers. The sound is non-applicable for they are irrelevant to RPG. You can never get the most out of it for it is a fun meter for its number of exciting and thrilling turns. These all features, which are particular to this very game, make it more of a feast for a player and make it highly addictive.

If you are a game enthusiast and you like playing Golden Sun, Summoner or Baldur’s Gate the best then you must give Aldon’s Crossing a try for once for this is worth you money and time.