The Type of Server We Use

When it comes to hosting gaming sites, having a reliable and stable server becomes the be all and end all of our performance. This is a lesson that we definitely earned the hard way, after years of thriving in the industry.

A lot gaming sites have wasted millions of investments simdedicated serverply due to either an unreliable or unsecured server. Oftentimes, these damages are irreversible and can greatly affect the flow of income through the site. This is primarily the reason why there is a need to be meticulous in choosing the type of server to use especially for gaming sites. These types of websites have highly specific requirements compared to the usual B2B sites.

Our dedicated server from Server Mania is guaranteed to be protected from DDoS attacks. At 10 Gbps protection, it is already a worthwhile investment. However, one of the best things about this type of server is that we can easily customize it according to our hardware’s features. This has significantly improved the performance of our game systems. Available bandwidth is also up to 100 TB/mo, something that is definitely a treat for game website owners like us.

Another thing that we look for in server is the customer service. You see, you don’t want to encounter problems with your server in the middle of the night and have to weight the following working day to have it addressed.Any online and seamless product services like a website hosting needs to have 24/7 customer service for any possible hiccup along the way. Fortunately, our server from Server Mania has not faltered in their consistency yet, both in terms of customer service and quality of the server.gaming server

A good server is your trusted partner in terms of keeping the revenue flowing. This is particularly significant if your gaming site is one of your major sources of income streams. Gamers are looking for top performing hosting, and you cannot compromise this by simply settling for a mediocre server, or worse for a share server. The investment you have for a dedicated gaming server can be easily translated to your revenues.

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